Fogdog ushers in a cold brew revolution.


Cold brewing coffee and tea has remained a static process- one that required a significant investment in water, time and space. We are introducing a breakthrough technology to produce a line of coffee and tea that is remarkably unique. Unlike traditional, static cold brews, the production of Fogdog utilizes a hydrodynamic process which allows for the complete extraction of all of the best qualities the raw materials have to offer.


Our product is brewed and maintained at 38F, with no flash heat pasteurization for unadulterated taste. The coffee combines only hand selected dark roast coffee beans, with ice cold water, to create a coffee that is naturally sweet and creamy, with a density and rich color particular to our method of brewing. The tea combines only custom formulated blends of tea and herbs, with ice cold water, resulting in a tea that is sweet and complex, with a viscosity, crisp richness, and vibrant color that is particular to the brewing method.


Fogdog is pure cold brew: all natural, dairy free, and no additives.


2806 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

Brewed in USA


34 35th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232