Technology that tastes amazing.


Fogdog has invented a cold brewing system that simply put, brews better tasting coffee and tea.

Our hydrodynamic high speed water technique is the secret. We use specially selected coffee or tea and pure, 38˚F water in our proprietary process that extracts the complex flavors and natural oils (terpenes) of the coffee grounds or tea leaves. This process produces a rich, creamy, sweet coffee that’s low in acidity, never bitter, with flavor that doesn’t need sweeteners or dairy. It also brews teas that are equally amazing, with clean, smooth flavor, rich aromas, no astringencies and pure, bright colors. Our goal was to make the world’s best tasting cold brewed coffee and tea. Once you try it, we think you’ll agree–mission accomplished.

A noble quest.

A few years ago, some friends in Berkeley, California, began a quest to make the world’s best tasting cold brew. We sourced the finest leaves and beans on the planet, but conventional cold brewing methods couldn’t deliver the quality we wanted. So, we developed our own brewing technology and Fogdog was born.

Our process makes extraordinary cold brewed coffees and teas with more intense flavors, creamy richness, natural sweetness and aromas you can’t get from hot brews, or even other cold brews, for that matter.

Now, after a lot of hard work, we are thrilled to finally share Fogdog with you, and the world.